Hygienic polyethylene container with a capacity of 136 liters

This round polyethylene container has a capacity of 136 liters. It is sturdy, durable, rotationally molded, and designed for food contact, making it ideal for storage and food production. Popular in the food industry, food processing, gastronomy, and fish frying, this plastic container can hold up to about 50% of its total height due to its tapered construction.

Perfect for transporting food and bulk ingredient storage, this plastic round container is made from food-grade polyethylene. The interior of the container is smooth, without cracks and crevices, making it very easy to clean and maintain hygiene. The round container is extremely durable and has a very long service life, all thanks to the use of rotational molding technology. It is highly resistant to cracking, denting, and breaking.

Technical data:

Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: 540 x 920 mm (diameter x height)
Volume: 136 L
Operating temperature: -30 to +80 degrees Celsius

Data sheet

Capacity (liters)

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