3-door refrigerated table adapted to baking trays EN 400x600 mm EN4060, top with rear edge h = 50 mm (type C), evaporator packed in the rear wall, high-efficiency forced air circulation system, automatic defrosting and evaporation of condensate using hot gas, electronic controller, hygienic design, ready for connection.

Body Height: 650 mm
Refrigerant: R290
Capacity 580 L
Depth 800 mm
Temperature: ° C 0 / + 12
Accessories: 15 pairs of guides

with own cooling:

Dimensions 1945 x 800 x 850 mm (LxDxH)
Electric power 400W / 230V
Cooling power 346W evaporating temp. -15 ° C
max. ambient temperature + 40 ° C
Energy consumption 2.45 kWh / 24 h

with central cooling:

Dimensions 1850 x 800 x 850 mm (LxWxH)
Electric power 130W / 230V
Cooling power 346W evaporating temp. -15 ° C


  • Comprehensive PUR foam insulation under high pressure
  • this design guarantees high insulation and low electricity consumption
  • core made of foamed polyurethane has high density and mechanical strength
  • All devices (inside and outside) made of stainless steel
  • made of stainless steel extends the life of the product and maintains cleanliness
  • visible sides satin polished - excludes light reflection and improves functionality
Automatic defrosting and hot gas condensation evaporation
  • automatic self-cleaning of the cooling system, e.g. ice from the evaporator
  • the use of hot gas for evaporation lowers electricity consumption
  • Uniform temperature distribution thanks to intelligent cooling circulation
  • the cold air continues to move downwards thanks to the highly efficient supply air circulation
  • circulation very functional and does not dry out the products to be cooled
  • Devices available with doors and / or drawers of different heights
  • each chamber can be built with either doors or drawers under the GN 1/1
  • multifunctional solutions for many needs
  • A wide range of operating temperatures with the possibility of adjustment
  • temperatures range from -2 ° C to + 12 ° C
  • controller with manual adjustment
Refrigerating chamber made to a high hygienic standard
  • the bottom of the chamber with hygienic curves - rounded corners and edges
  • hygienic design for easy cleaning
  • The range of ambient temperatures in which the cooling and freezing tables can be used
  • is determined by the climate class of the device - in the case of the 5th climate class that all our KT tables have, the temperature is from + 16 ° C to + 40 ° C.
  • Failure to do so may lead to reduced efficiency of the refrigeration system and unit failure.
RL-AKT ZK834 6601

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