3 pieces of stainless steel sieves

This set of 3 sieves is an essential tool in every kitchen. Use them to strain various ingredients easily and precisely. The set consists of three sieves of different diameters and lengths, which allows them to be adapted to specific needs. Made of durable stainless steel, these strainers guarantee long-term use and reliability.

They have comfortable handles that make it easy to manipulate and carry the contents. You can also save space in your kitchen cabinet by sliding one sieve into another when storing. Straining sauces, soups, pasta, fruit or vegetables will become a pleasure thanks to these strainers. Do not wait and discover the convenience and precision of straining with this practical set of 3 sieves.

Technical data:

Art-No.: 74707
Sieve diameters: 8,5 cm / 14,5 cm / 19,5 cm
Length: 22,5 cm / 33 cm / 38,5 cm
Color: steel
Material: Stainless Steel 18/8
EAN code: 4004133747074

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