Frying pan, with XL Vulcano Classic non-stick coating

All Spring cookware is famous for its quality and above-average thermal properties thanks to the technologies and multi-layered materials used. A wide range of sizes and designs will satisfy the most demanding cooks, regardless of what they cook or what technique they use. Vulcano Classic is perfect for products that stick easily. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant and non-stick coating, egg dishes or a small fish fillet will not stick to the surface of the pan. Vulcano Classic pans get very hot and can also be re-painted, so they are extremely durable. The pans are suitable for all types of cookers (ceramic, induction, gas, electric). Their quality and aesthetics allow them to be served even on the table.

Technical data:

Art-Nr.: 14 8488 60 24
Height: 6 cm 
Diameter: 24 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg
Material: Matt stainless steel
EAN code: 7640113015572
14 8488 60 24

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