Traditional Cast Iron Woks with Enamel Flat Bottoms: • Top-quality, solid cast iron with a scratch-resistant inner coating • Enameled flat bottom for glass-ceramic cooktops • Uniform, intense heat distribution from the bottom to the rim • Excellent heat retention • Suitable for all cooking ranges including induction hobs Efficient Woks with 5 multi-layer layers (stainless steel with aluminum core): • Heat-conducting and insulating stainless steel and aluminum multi-layer material. • Very fast heating from bottom to rim • No sharp edges and corners for easy cleaning • Light weight • With and without non-stick coating • Sturdy professional stainless steel handles / handles / cast iron stainless steel handles • Suitable for all cooking ranges including induction hobs. Care Instructions Before using the Wok for the first time, clean it, the Wok lid and all accessories with warm water and a mild washing-up liquid. Allow the Wok to cool down after use and soak in wet water. Then clean it with a soft sponge. Never use steel pads or abrasive scouring powders.

capacity 4 L height 9.5 cm

16 9212 06 35

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