Meat grinder TALSA W82-U5, approx. 300-350 kg/h

Unger-5 / H-82 quadtuple cutting system

  • 1 pre-cutting sieve with three large holes
  • 1 double knife L&W "Robot-S4"
  • 1 L&W DIN9805 Ø 7.8 mm plate
  • 1 double knife L&W "Robot-S4"
  • 2 L&W DIN9805 plates, Ø 3 and Ø 5 mm

Including: 2 compensation rings and 1 H82 knife supplied as Unger-3 double cutting system (2 inserts and 1 knife) and Unger-2 single cutting system (1 plate and 1 knife)

  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • A spacious bowl
  • The gear is placed in a box of continuous lubrication
  • Tight base
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Reliable safety switch
  • High-quality gear motor: reinforced gears, reduced heating, quiet operation
  • Hand protection, meets all CE standards
  • 3-phase motor (1.1kW)

High-quality knives and mincer plates

Talsa meat mincers are standard equipped with knives made of stainless steel of the highest strength and durability of the German brand Lumbeck & Wolter.

The plates are made of 100% AISI420 stainless steel. This material is significantly less worn, which extends the life of the plates.

Technical data:

Model: W82-U5 Table
Bowl capacity: 10L
Output: 300-350 kg/h
Power: 1,1 kW
Power supply: 400/380 V - 2,5 A
Weight: 47 kg
Noise level: 60 dB
Dimension A: 31 cm
Dimension B: 62 cm
Dimension C: 46 cm
Dimension D: 52 cm
Dimension E: 17 cm
Dimension F: 26 cm
Dimension G: 33 cm
Work in temperature: +5 do +40°C

Talsa W82-U5

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