Jugema's 23x13 cm scraper blade for dehairing machine.

Made of highly durable rubber with proper elasticity, providing excellent mechanical strength. Standard fitting with zinc-coated steel plates riveted on both sides using countersunk rivets.

The dehairing machine is a specialized device used in abattoirs for mechanically removing hair from pig carcasses and scalding their skin. This process is carried out using special scraper blades, which are mounted on the rotating shafts of the dehairing machine. To enhance the longevity of these blades, they are manufactured from resilient black rubber, with additional protection provided by materials such as canvas or cord. The dehairing machine significantly facilitates and expedites the preparation of pig carcasses in slaughterhouses.

Technical data:

For dehairing machine: Jugema
Height: 23 cm
Width: 13 cm
Thickness: 3 cm
Material: Rubber, galvanized steel
Weight: 1376 g


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