Deli knife, 36 cm blade, GIESSER 7705 wwl 36

The GIESSER 7705 wwl 36 deli knife is a professional tool for enthusiasts of cured meats, offering an impressive 36 cm blade with a rounded edge and numerous features that make kitchen work even easier, more precise, and safer.

The 36 cm blade is made of high-quality chrome-molybdenum steel, vacuum-hardened to a hardness of 56-57 Rockwell degrees. The matte-polished surface not only gives the knife an elegant appearance but also ensures excellent rust resistance. The blade has been finished with a spherical grind, enhancing its functionality and enabling precise cutting.

The knife is equipped with a rounded tip, which not only increases safety in the workplace but also facilitates handling and manipulation of the blade. The Kullenschliff, or hollowed spherical grinds, allow for better cutting control, minimize friction, and enable more ergonomic work while protecting the blade.

The ergonomic handle made of synthetic material, equipped with an anti-slip material (TPE), ensures a secure grip and comfort during kitchen work. The well-shaped schutznase provides secure handling of the knife, minimizing the risk of slipping from the hand.

The total length of the knife, including the handle, is 50 cm, making it comfortable to use while providing full control over the curing cutting process. The knife is available in an elegant black color, and the designation 7705 wwl 36 adds a professional touch.

The GIESSER 7705 wwl 36 knife complies with all standards for food contact, in accordance with current legal regulations. It can be washed in the dishwasher, although we recommend manual cleaning to maintain the cutting edge's sharpness.

Develop your culinary and cured meat skills and enjoy precision and comfort in your work with the GIESSER 7705 wwl 36 knife. Discover the true taste of culinary passion with a professional tool from GIESSER.

Key features of the GIESSER 7705 wwl 36 knife:

  • 36 cm blade length.
  • Matte-polished blade.
  • Rounded tip.
  • Spherical grind.
  • Ergonomic handle with anti-slip material (TPE).
  • Well-shaped tip.
  • Total length 50 cm.
  • Available color: black.
  • Designation: 7705 wwl 36.
  • Compliance with standards.

The GIESSER 7705 wwl 36 knife is not just a tool but also a kitchen partner, offering precision, durability, and comfort when preparing cured meats. Discover the true taste of culinary passion with a professional tool from GIESSER.

7705 wwl 36

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