It is the ideal tool for removing debris that could clog or stick together during cleaning, the bristles / bristles traditionally used for such work brushes, brooms or brushes. The scraper is great for removing sticky as well as semi-liquid deposits such as cakes, sweets, pastries, soft chocolate, cheeses, etc., etc. It is also effective for removing dried or burnt food or ingredients such as e.g. hard chocolate or caramel, dried / burnt pieces of baked goods, thickened, dried powders or those that are stuck to the surface, dried or burnt meat, fish and vegetables. It is food safe and resistant to temperatures up to + 121 ° C.
Although it is not intended to clean floors, it can be used to remove lighter dirt from the floor if necessary. The threaded handle allows the user to freely extend the scraper arm and depending on his preferences, it is possible to use any style / handle of the Vikan system, having this type of connection.

Scraper width: 100 mm,
Handle thickness: 32 mm,
Overall length: 205 mm,
Weight: 0.07 kg.

Available colours:

- green

- blue

- red

- white

- yellow


Data sheet

Detectable by detectors
A type of scraper
With a threaded handle

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