Hamburger Press, Sirman, Model SA 100

The Sirman Hamburger Press, Model SA 100, is an essential tool in the production of patties, perfect for restaurants, fast-food bars, and institutional food establishments. This rounded, simple, and compact press allows for quick shaping of meat with a diameter of 100 mm, as well as other dimensions available in our store.

The press is constructed from anodized aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, it features a built-in tray holder and a hamburger mold made of stainless steel. The rubber feet provide stability and prevent movement during use.

The ability to shape various types of minced meat using cellophane or paper liners further enhances the functionality of this device. All of these features make the Sirman SA 100 Hamburger Press an indispensable tool in a professional kitchen, ensuring speed and precision in the production of delicious patties and burgers.

Technical data:

Model SA 100
Mold Diameter 100 mm
A 140 mm
B 230 mm
C 255 mm
D 270 mm
E 310 mm
F 380 mm
G 260 mm
H 320 mm
Net Weight 4.5 kg
Transport Dimensions 450x370x350 mm
Gross Weight 5.5 kg
HS Code 84385000

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