Cellophane/Foil Disks for Ø110mm Hamburger Press, 1kg, Sirman

Cellophane/foil disks from the renowned Italian brand SIRMAN are an excellent solution for burger enthusiasts. They provide professional support in preparing delicious dishes, ensuring that each hamburger is unique in both taste and presentation.

These durable and robust cellophane disks have been specially designed for hamburger presses to facilitate the patty formation process. With a diameter of Ø110mm, they are perfect for presses of similar sizes, ensuring easy and precise shaping of ideal meat patties.

The 1kg packaging is a practical quantity of cellophane disks, suitable for both small and large gastronomic establishments. The price for 1 kg allows flexible adjustment of the quantity to individual needs, benefiting various businesses in the food industry.

The material used for manufacturing the disks is high-quality cellophane, safe for food contact. Additionally, it maintains the integrity of the meat structure during patty formation, ensuring excellent results in the burger preparation process.

SIRMAN cellophane disks guarantee quality and attention to the aesthetics of dishes. Their application makes the burger preparation process more efficient, and the presentation of dishes is captivating. Moreover, these disks meet food safety standards, which is crucial in the food industry.

By choosing SIRMAN cellophane disks for hamburger presses, you are investing in a product from an Italian brand known for innovation and quality. Discover how easily and effectively you can raise standards in your kitchen using these high-quality cellophane disks.

Technical data:

  • Material: Cellophane
  • Size: Ø110mm
  • Price for 1kg.