ECO DISCO CHEF PAPER Burger Paper Discs are an essential addition to every kitchen or gastronomy establishment, especially where delicious burgers are served. These specially designed discs are crafted with burger presses in mind, ensuring not only exceptional quality but also efficient and hygienic preparation of your favorite dishes.

Each disc is made from durable paper and additionally siliconized on both sides, making them incredibly robust, solid, and tear-resistant. This guarantees that during the burger pressing process, the discs maintain the meat's structure without interrupting the formation of perfect patties.

Packaged at 0.5 kg, it is an excellent quantity of discs that will suffice for many servings of tasty hamburgers. The dimensions of 180 mm in diameter provide the right size, perfectly tailored to burger presses, facilitating the professional preparation of meals.

ECO DISCO CHEF PAPER Burger Paper Discs are not just a practical accessory but also an eco-friendly solution. The utilized paper is environmentally friendly, allowing you to care for our planet even while preparing your favorite dishes. Thanks to these discs, working with burger presses becomes even more efficient, and the presented dishes acquire a professional appearance.

If you value quality, reliability, and ecology, ECO DISCO CHEF PAPER Burger Paper Discs are an excellent choice for your kitchen or gastronomic establishment. Discover how easy and effective it is to prepare delicious burgers using this high-quality accessory.

Technical data:

  • Material: Siliconized paper
  • One package contains 0.5 kg of discs.
  • Diameter: 180 mm