Cellophane rings from the Italian brand SIRMAN

Cellophane rings for hamburger presses with a diameter of 130 mm, weight 1 kg, Sirman. Cellophane rings from the renowned Italian brand SIRMAN in Ø130 mm size are an innovative product, providing an excellent solution for burger enthusiasts. Designed with a focus on a professional approach to food preparation, these durable cellophane rings ensure that each hamburger is unique in terms of taste and presentation.

The material used is high-quality cellophane, safe for food contact, durable, and maintaining the integrity of the meat structure during patty formation. The Ø130 mm size is ideal for hamburger presses, ensuring easy and precise molding of perfect patties.

The 1 kg package is an excellent quantity of cellophane rings, suitable for various catering establishments, both small and large. The price for 1 kg allows flexible adjustment of the quantity to individual needs, making it practical for various businesses in the catering industry.

SIRMAN cellophane rings are synonymous with high quality and attention to the aesthetics of dishes. Their application makes the process of preparing burgers easier, with a captivating presentation of the dishes. Additionally, these cellophane rings comply with food safety standards, a crucial aspect in the catering industry.

By choosing SIRMAN cellophane rings for hamburger presses, you opt for a product from an Italian brand renowned for innovation and quality. Discover how easily and effectively you can elevate standards in your kitchen using these high-quality cellophane rings.

Technical data:

  • Material: Cellophane
  • Size: Ø130mm.
  • Price for 1kg.