Hamburger press, Sirman, model SA 130

The hamburger press, model SA 130, by Sirman, is an essential tool for making patties and should find its place in every kitchen, fast-food restaurant, and collective food establishments. It excels in situations where quick meat forming and portioning are required. The press features a rounded, simple, and compact design, ensuring convenient operation.

Its construction is made of anodized aluminum alloy, guaranteeing durability and longevity of the device. An additional convenience is the built-in handle for trays, facilitating manipulation during hamburger forming. The hamburger form is made of stainless steel, ensuring hygienic and safe patty preparation.

The Sirman SA 130 hamburger press allows for forming various types of ground meat into patties using cellulose or paper pads. Its 130mm diameter form enables the creation of perfectly sized and delicious hamburgers. Other dimensions are also available to customize the press to individual needs.

Thanks to the rubber feet, the press is stable and secure during use. This is a reliable tool that significantly simplifies the process of forming patties and ground meat. It performs excellently in professional kitchens, fast-food restaurants, and other gastronomic establishments, ensuring high quality of prepared dishes.

Technical data:

Model SA 130
Form diameter 130 mm
A 140 mm
B 250 mm
C 260 mm
D 310 mm
E 360 mm
F 460 mm
G 275 mm
H 360 mm
Net weight 6 kg
Transport dimensions 450x370x350 mm
Gross weight 7 kg
HS Code 8438500

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