Pasta Die for Fusilli Ø9mm by Bartscher

The Fusilli pasta die with a Ø9mm diameter by Bartscher is designed for producing fusilli pasta with a 9mm diameter, allowing the creation of unique pasta dishes. Made from durable bronze material, the die ensures not only exceptional durability but also excellent quality of the prepared pasta, preserving the authentic taste and texture. Its compact dimensions, with a width of 55 mm, depth of 55 mm, and height of 10 mm, make it easy to store and handle. Additionally, its low weight of just 0.138 kg makes it practical and easy to carry while preparing exquisite Italian dishes.

The three main advantages of the Fusilli Ø9mm pasta die by Bartscher are as follows:

  1. Shape Versatility: The die allows for the production of fusilli with a 9mm diameter, providing great flexibility in creating various pasta dishes.

  2. Durable Material: Made from bronze material, the die not only ensures exceptional durability but also preserves the authentic taste and texture of the prepared pasta, contributing to the excellent quality of dishes.

  3. Compact Size and Low Weight: Its compact dimensions (55 mm width, 55 mm depth, and 10 mm height) and low weight (0.138 kg) make the die easy to store, handle, and transport, simplifying the process of preparing Italian dishes.

The Fusilli Ø9mm pasta die by Bartscher stands out for its versatility, durable bronze material, and compact size, making it an ideal tool for creating a variety of pasta dishes. Its advantages include the ability to produce fusilli with a 9mm diameter, preserving the authentic taste of pasta, and user-friendly convenience due to its compact dimensions and low weight.

Technical data:

The size of the pasta Ø 9 mm
Type of pasta Fusilli
Material Brown
Important tip -
Width 55 mm
Depth 55 mm
Height 10 mm
Weight 0.138 kg

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