The product contains citric acid which does not damage ceramics. Effectively protects against glass leaching in the furnace door.

Purpose Intended for rinsing convection-steam ovens.

Application J AX PROFESSIONAL 46 will find its application in the hotel industry, gastronomy and public buildings.

How to use How to use depending on the type of oven:

Manual rinsing: after the main washing, using running water, rinse off the remains of loose dirt and remains of the cleaning agent. Then spray the combi steamer chamber with the rinsing liquid and rinse again with water.
Automatic rinsing: in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, pour the right amount of liquid into the area intended for the rinsing liquid, then set the appropriate rinsing program.
Rinsing of ovens where the manufacturer has provided sachets, tablets or powder: pour the recommended amount of rinsing liquid into the area intended for the rinsing liquid, then start the appropriate rinsing program.

pH The concentration of hydrogen ions in the product: pH 2.0 to 2.5.

The product received the MTP GOLD MEDAL 2017.
JAX 46 1L

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