Perfect for both large and small items, such as glasses, but also for decorated surfaces. Effectively removes greasy residues, e.g. lipstick stains and light drink deposits. It does not contain chlorine and does not damage decorations on washed dishes. It is odorless and easy to rinse, it guarantees the neutralization of odors. Intended for use in industrial dishwashers and for manual washing.
Purpose: WASHING LIQUID FOR GLASS, SILVER AND ALUMINUM CHLORINE-FREE 36 is intended for washing all types of glass, silver elements and aluminum surfaces in dishwashers
Application: The product can be used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and gastronomy.
How to use: The agent is dosed directly into the dishwasher's washing liquid tank in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Regularly check the fluid level and refill the container. The dosage of the liquid depends on the degree of dirt and water quality and is 1-5 ml of liquid per 1 liter of water. The agent should be dosed using automatic dosing systems.
pH: Concentration of hydrogen ions in production: pH 13.0 - 14.0.
Additional information:
ATTENTION: during the storage of the product, a color change may occur which does not affect its performance.

Contains KOH, polycarboxylates and phosphates.

JAX 36 1L

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