The only smokehouse of this type on the market!

  • HotmixPro Smoke transforms the recipes of your coffee shop and kitchen into special and unique dishes.
  • HotmixPro Smoke is a unique product among small, compact and, above all, fast cold-smoking smokers .
  • Cold smoke does not rise, so it remains in contact with the product. In addition, the low-temperature smoking process prevents the growth of bacteria and does not boil the product.
  • It is the first smokehouse in its category where smoke passes through a liquid.
  • The smoke will not only be really cold (it is possible to add ice to the selected liquid), but it will also be enriched with aromas taken from the liquid.
  • The liquid will also be enriched with the flavor of the smoke it has passed through, giving the chef the opportunity to reuse it to create new and fantastic recipes.
  • Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • It can be connected to all HotmixPro products thanks to the appropriate tool available with the device.
  • Between the combination of HotmixPro Smoke and HotmixPro Dry it is possible to create a smokehouse for hot and cold smoking with excellent temperature control.
  • Power 110V-240V.
Power 24W
Liquid tank capacity 2 L.
Air flow adjustment Yes

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