CHLORO K2 PLUS - highly concentrated, foaming preparation, developed and adapted especially to the needs of the modern food industry and breeding. Thanks to the appropriately selected formula of detergents, it is perfect for foam, contact cleaning of heavily contaminated surfaces with the removal of bacteria, fungi and spores. The component responsible for disinfection is stabilized active chlorine, therefore the medium is not corrosive and is stable at high temperatures of use. It polishes and preserves the washed surfaces, leaving no white patches after drying. It does not corrode stainless steel. Effectively removes all difficult to clean organic impurities such as proteins, fats, blood. Rinses off easily. It chemically softens water and eliminates the need to acidify washed surfaces. Removes unpleasant odors. Recommended for use in central foam washing systems and pressure foam generators or K1 foam carts.

  • It is biodegradable in over 90%.
  • Working concentrations: 2.0-5.0%.
  • Washing temperature: 15-40 o C.
  • Dosing control: conductometric analysis.

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