White plastic wheel for a smoking cart

A white plastic wheel designed for a smoking cart, perfect for everyday use in various conditions. Thanks to its construction and material properties, it is reliable even in extreme temperatures.

This 150 mm diameter wheel has been designed to ensure optimal performance of the smoking cart. With its resistance in the range of -20 to +80 °C, it works perfectly with modern smoking processes, providing reliability and durability.

Additionally, there is the possibility of assembling the wheel with a bushing and screw, allowing for even better customization to the user's individual needs.

Technical data:

Wheel Diameter: 150 mm
Wheel Width: 40 mm
Bushing Inner Diameter: 20 mm
Hub Length: 45 mm
Weight: 404 g

This wheel is not just a component of a smoking cart, but also a guarantee of comfort, reliability, and durability in every application. With its solid construction and technical properties, it will provide you with smooth and effective operation even in the most demanding conditions.


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