Sous Vide Cooking Bags for Chamber Vacuum Sealers, HENDI

HENDI Sous Vide Cooking Bags are an essential addition for anyone who values outstanding quality and precision in the kitchen. The set of 100 bags, measuring 150x200mm and designed for chamber vacuum sealers, makes sous vide cooking easier and more efficient than ever.

The remarkable durability and high-quality materials used in the production of these bags make them not only safe but also highly effective. Constructed with two layers totaling 75 μm in thickness, the inner layer made of polyethylene (60 μm) and the outer layer of polyamide (15 μm, nylon), these bags ensure not only strength but also airtight sealing.

Designed to withstand extreme conditions, these bags are resistant to high temperatures ranging from −20˚ to +110˚C. Their ability to preserve the freshness of dishes is unparalleled, allowing you to store cooked meals in an air-free environment, ensuring prolonged flavor and nutritional value.

These bags are not only perfect for sous vide cooking but also ideal for vacuum-sealing a variety of food products. The materials used in production serve as a UV filter, providing additional protection against the negative effects of light. These are not just cooking bags – they are tools that elevate the quality of your culinary experiences.

Technical data:

Materials: PA (Polyamide/Nylon), PP (Polypropylene)
Length: 150 mm
Width: 200 mm
Quantity in Packaging: 100
EAN Code: 8711369971369

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