DM CID S for washing pasteurizers, CIP closed circuit devices

Alkaline Low-Foam Washing Preparation

DM CID Sw. Based on many years of research on pollution issues, a preparation intended for modern industry was created. DM CID S is a highly concentrated, alkaline, low-foaming, liquid preparation with additions of non-ionic and ionic surfactants that soften impurities and sediments derived from proteins, fat and sugars.

The content of phosphonium salts reduces the occurrence of white deposits after the washing process, reducing the need for frequent acid treatment. Recommended for cleaning evaporators, pasteurizers, homogenizers, storage tanks and devices in a closed CIP cycle.

Repeated and systematic use of the preparation protects the cleaned surfaces against secondary deposition of hard-to-remove deposits. Easily rinsed out. It polishes the washed surfaces, reducing the need for acid treatment. Suitable for cleaning stainless steel, plastics, ceramics and concrete. Do not use on surfaces made of aluminum.

  • Biodegradation over 90%.
  • Working concentrations: 1.0-4.0%.
  • Washing temperature: 20-90 o C.
  • Dosing control: titration or conductometric analysis

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