Automatic slicer, Sirman, model Canova 300 Automec/VV

Sirman's automatic slicers, the Canova 300 Automec with fixed speed and the Canova 300 Automec VV with variable speed, are reliable and highly efficient cutting tools. Made with a sturdy stainless steel base, they ensure durability and an aesthetic appearance. The motor responsible for the carriage movement is equipped with fans and oil bath reduction, ensuring effective operation.

Both Canova 300 Automec slicers are equipped with two separate control systems, allowing for a choice of operating mode. The Canova 300 Automec model features a standard on/off switch, while the VV version, Canova 300 Automec VV, enables speed regulation.

Additionally, an optional unique "Nettuno" carriage with a weight and adjustable vertical product guard is available, providing stability and even slicing.

The Canova 300 Automec slicers are professional kitchen tools, perfect for butcher shops, restaurants, and other gastronomic establishments that value precision, efficiency, and safety while cutting various products.

Technical data:

Model: Canova 300 Automec
Blade Diameter: 300 mm
Motor: 210+180W - 0.29+0.24 HP
Cutting Thickness: 19 mm
Carriage Stroke: 275 mm
Tray: 250x275 mm
Dimension A: 428 mm
Dimension B: 290 mm
Dimension C: 590 mm
Dimension D: 495 mm
Dimension E: 573 mm
Dimension F: 640 mm
Dimension G: 650 mm
Dimension L: 515 mm
Dimension X: 260 mm
Dimension Y: 175 mm
Dimension H: 223 mm
Dimension W: 207 mm
Net Weight: 42.6 kg
Transport Dimensions: 870x840x750 mm
Gross Weight: 57 kg
HS Code: 84385000

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