Sirman slicers, model Mirra 220c AIC

The Sirman Mirra 220 A.I.C. is a slicer designed to provide efficient and precise slicing of various food products. Its construction features an anodized aluminum alloy casting, ensuring durability and hygiene during usage. The slicer is equipped with a ventilated motor, which helps maintain optimal operating temperatures and ensures smooth performance during extended use. The design incorporates a large gap between the blade and the motor, making cleaning and maintenance of the slicer hassle-free.

To enhance safety and ease of use, the slicer comes with an ergonomic food press made of food-grade nylon, equipped with teeth to securely hold the sliced product. The blades are forged and hardened, ensuring durability and sharpness for extended use. The carriage smoothly glides on self-lubricating bushings and overlapping pins. Key components like screws and the deflector are made from stainless steel, adding to the overall durability and ease of cleaning. The slicer's robust structure ensures stability during operation.

Convenience features include a built-in blade sharpener, allowing for easy maintenance and blade upkeep. The slicer's compact dimensions contribute to its efficiency and ease of handling while maintaining excellent cutting performance. The device is equipped with a release lever for the carriage, making it easy to load and unload products for slicing. Additionally, the blades can be customized with a Teflon coating or serrated edges upon request.

The slicing blade is set at a 25° angle, providing efficient slicing results. With a blade diameter of 220 mm (9 inches) and powered by a 147W (0.20 HP) motor, the Mirra 220 A.I.C. offers precise slicing with a cutting thickness of 13 mm. Whether for professional kitchens, delis, or food establishments, the Sirman Mirra 220 A.I.C. slicer is a reliable and versatile tool, ensuring efficient and precise slicing of a wide range of food products. Its ergonomic design and sturdy construction make it a valuable addition to any food preparation setup.


  • - anodized aluminum die-cast alloy structure
  • - large distance between the blade and the motor for easy cleaning
  • - ventilated engine
  • - ergonomic food clamp made of nylon intended for contact with food, equipped with teeth that allow for a secure hold of the cut product
  • - forged, hardened blades of great thickness
  • - carriage running on self-lubricating bushings and overlapping spindles
  • - stainless steel screws and deflector
  • - strong supporting structure
  • - built-in sharpener
  • - compact dimensions, excellent cutting performance
  • - a device for releasing the trolley
  • - Teflon coated or serrated blades - on request
  • - 25 ° blade inclination

Technical data:

Model: MIRRA 220 AI EASY
Blade diameter: 220 mm / 9 inches
Motor: 147W - 0.20 HP
Cutting thickness: 13 mm
Carriage stroke: 245 mm
Tray: 230x240 mm
Dimension A: 395 mm
Dimension B: 245 mm
Dimension C: 480 mm
Dimension D: 560 mm
Dimension E: 370 mm
Dimension F: 570 mm
Dimension G: 475 mm
Dimension X: 505 mm
Dimension Y: 220 mm
Dimension H: 125 mm
Dimension W: 160 mm
Net weight: 15 KG
Transport dimensions: 600x500x420 mm
Gross weight: 160 KG
HS Code: 84385000

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