Slicer 250 Plus, Bartscher

The 250 PLUS Deli Slicer is a professional kitchen tool distinguished by its excellent craftsmanship and performance. It is perfect for both home and gastronomic use.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Slicing: With a 250 mm diameter blade and adjustable slicing thickness ranging from 1 to 12 mm, this slicer allows you to achieve thin slices or thicker cuts to your liking.

  2. Safety First: Equipped with an electromagnetic switch and a double blade guard, this slicer ensures maximum safety during operation. A residual product press minimizes waste, and a control lamp keeps you informed about the device's status.

  3. Versatility: You can choose between an inclined built-in blade and a gravity blade depending on the type of product you're slicing. This slicer is adapted for cutting sausages and other meat products, making it an ideal tool for both home kitchens and professional gastronomy.

Technical data:

Control lamp On / off
Power Connection 0.13 kW
Tension 230 volts
Frequency 50 Hz
On / off switch Yes
Knife diameter 250 mm
Rotation speed max. 190 rev / min.
Cutting thickness 1 - 12 mm
Cutting length 195 mm
Cutting height 140 mm
With a knife sharpener Yes
Version Built-in oblique knife / gravity knife
Adapted to Sausage
Cable length 1.4 m
Level of security IPX3
Control Knob
Knife sheath double
Electromagnetic switch Yes
Slice guide Yes
The residual pusher Yes
Crane version Photo opportunity
2 handles
Included 1 knife 250 Basic
Material Aluminum
Important tip -
Width 435 mm
Depth 510 mm
Height 385 mm
Weight 14.8 kg

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