Slicer for cold cuts, Sirman, model Palladio 350

The Sirman Palladio 350 slicer is an advanced device with a rounded design, free from sharp edges and visible screws. Equipped with a chromed and polished sliding carriage with cast bushings, it ensures smooth and precise slicing. The carriage limiters made of vulcanized rubber provide stability and precision during cutting.

This slicer features a removable cover for thickness adjustment and a deflector made of stainless steel with bayonet joint, enabling precise and even slicing of various products. Stainless steel screws and nuts ensure durability and corrosion resistance.

The device is equipped with a built-in and sealed pulley, providing 49.5 mm of space between the blade and the motor, allowing for safe and efficient slicing. Additionally, the slicer has a bottom cover that offers extra protection and ease of cleaning.

The electrical circuit is adaptable to variable voltages of 110-220-380V, making the slicer suitable for both single-phase and three-phase installations. Moreover, it comes with a built-in knife sharpener with a lower guard and a standard tool for knife removal, providing convenience and simplicity in maintenance.

The slicer has a knife inclination of 38°, contributing to the optimal slicing angle. Its knobs and buttons are made of plastic, and the IP67 protection degree ensures added resistance to moisture and contaminants.

The combination of advanced features and precise craftsmanship makes the Sirman Palladio 350 slicer an excellent tool for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts who value not only efficiency but also safety and reliability.

Sirman Palladio 350 tech draw

Technical data:

Parameter Value
Model PALLADIO 350
Blade Diameter 350 mm – 14 inches
Motor 370W - 0.50 HP
Cutting Thickness 23 mm
Carriage Stroke 310 mm
Tray Size 305x270 mm
Dimension A 465 mm
Dimension B 340 mm
Dimension C 660 mm
Dimension D 575 mm
Dimension E 455 mm
Dimension F 710 mm
Dimension G 530 mm
Dimension L 590 mm
Dimension X 270 mm
Dimension Y 225 mm
Dimension H 275 mm
Dimension W 250 mm
Net Weight 37 kg
Transport Dimensions 760x640x700 mm
Gross Weight 46 kg
HS Code 84385000

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