Slicer 300 Plus, Bartscher

The 300 Plus Bartscher 174301 Deli and Cheese Slicer is a professional kitchen tool that ensures excellent craftsmanship and efficiency in slicing various types of deli meats and cheese. This versatile appliance is well-suited for both home kitchens and the food service industry, allowing for precise and fast slicing.

Key Features:

  1. Large Blade Diameter: With an impressive 300 mm blade diameter, you can easily slice larger pieces of deli meats and cheese, saving you time and effort.

  2. Adjustable Slicing Thickness: The slicer allows you to customize the slicing thickness in the range of 1 to 15 mm, enabling you to create thin slices or thicker cuts according to your preferences.

  3. Safety and Efficiency: The device is equipped with an electromagnetic switch and a double blade guard, ensuring maximum safety during operation. A residual product press minimizes waste, and the choice between an inclined built-in blade and a gravity blade makes it user-friendly.

Technical data:

Control lamp On / off
Power Connection 0.2 kW
Tension 230 volts
Frequency 50 Hz
On / off switch Yes
Knife diameter 300 mm
Rotation speed max. 186 rev / min.
Cutting thickness 1 - 15 mm
Cutting length 230 mm
Cutting height 175 mm
With a knife sharpener Yes
Version Built-in oblique knife / gravity knife
Adapted to Sausage
Cable length 1.4 m
Level of security IPX3
Control Knob
Knife sheath double
Electromagnetic switch Yes
Slice guide Yes
The residual pusher Yes
Crane version Photo opportunity
2 handles
Included 1 knife 300 Basic
Material Aluminum
Important tip -
Width 480 mm
Depth 630 mm
Height 461 mm
Weight 20.8 kg

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