Sausage slicer, Sirman, model Canova 275

Sirman Canova 275, a professional meat slicer, features a rounded design with no sharp edges or visible screws, ensuring user safety. The chrome-plated and polished sliding carriage allows smooth movement of the products to be sliced, while the self-lubricating carriage bushes contribute to long-lasting and efficient operation.

The slicer is equipped with vulcanized rubber limiters on the carriage, enabling precise adjustment of the slicing thickness, leading to consistent and professional results. The removable cover of the slice thickness adjustment plate facilitates easy customization of the slicing thickness according to different requirements. The deflector for sliced products, made of stainless steel with bayonet coupling, ensures stability and precision during slicing. The use of stainless steel screws and nuts enhances durability and corrosion resistance.

The Canova 275 slicer boasts a built-in and sealed belt pulley, ensuring reliability and safety during operation. The 41mm space between the blade and the motor contributes to smooth and efficient functioning. Additionally, the slicer features a bottom cover, making it easy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. The electrical circuit is adaptable to variable voltages of 110-220-380V, accommodating both single-phase and three-phase power sources.

An added convenience is the integrated knife sharpener with a lower guard, allowing easy and safe knife sharpening. The slicer comes with a standard tool for knife removal, simplifying maintenance and cleaning. The 38° knife tilt enhances slicing efficiency and precision, while the plastic knob ensures comfortable and intuitive operation. The rubber feet stabilize the slicer during operation, ensuring safe usage.

With its IP44 protection degree switch, the Canova 275 slicer is more resistant to water and contaminants, making it not only a professional but also a durable and reliable tool for slicing in any kitchen.

Technical data:



Blade diameter

275 mm – 11 inches


210W - 0.29 HP

Cutting thickness

19 mm

Carriage stroke

275 mm

Basket size

240x230 mm

Dimension A

428 mm

Dimension B

290 mm

Dimension C

580 mm

Dimension D

495 mm

Dimension E

360 mm

Dimension F

650 mm

Dimension G

495 mm

Dimension L

530 mm

Dimension X

230 mm

Dimension Y

155 mm

Dimension H

208 mm

Dimension W

185 mm

Net weight

25.5 kg

Transport dimensions

800x600x520 mm

Gross weight

28 kg

HS code



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