Professional cold cut slicing machine, Sirman, model Mirra 250 C Vert.

The professional cold cut slicing machine Sirman, model Mirra 250 C Vert, is a reliable tool designed for professionals in the meat, gastronomy, and restaurant industries. Thanks to its versatility and efficiency, it finds wide application in butcher shops, gastronomic establishments, and restaurants.

The machine is engineered for durability and performance. Its construction is made of cast, anodized aluminum alloy, ensuring robustness and longevity for years of use. The blade of the machine is crafted from forged and hardened steel, guaranteeing precise and accurate slicing regardless of the product type. The spacing between the blade and the motor has been specially designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance processes.

The built-in ventilated motor ensures smooth operation of the slicer, allowing for precise cutting even with the most demanding products. The Mirra 250 C Vert model is also equipped with overlapping blades, ensuring perfect and even slices. The screws and deflector are made of stainless steel, providing additional resistance to corrosion and easy maintenance of the device's hygiene.

The compact dimensions of the slicer enable space-saving in kitchens or meat shops without compromising excellent cutting performance. With the integrated sharpener, the user can maintain the blade's sharpness, resulting in long-lasting and efficient operation of the machine.

The Sirman Mirra 250 C Vert cold cut slicing machine is a reliable piece of equipment that meets the highest demands of professionals. Its sturdy construction, precise blades, and excellent cutting efficiency will significantly enhance productivity and comfort in meat shops, gastronomy establishments, or restaurants.

Technical data:

Model MIRRA 250 C VERT.
Blade Diameter 250 mm / 10 inches
Motor 147W - 0.20 HP
Cutting Thickness 13 mm
Carriage Stroke 230 mm
Tray 230x235 mm
Dimension A 400 mm
Dimension B 260 mm
Dimension C 510 mm
Dimension D 535 mm
Dimension E 410 mm
Dimension F 570 mm
Dimension G 410 mm
Dimension L 475 mm
Dimension X 205 mm
Dimension Y 170 mm
Dimension H 170 mm
Dimension W 170 mm
Net Weight 17.5 kg
Transport Dimensions 600x500x500 mm
Gross Weight 20 kg
HS Code 84385000

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