Slicer, Sirman, model Mirra 300 Y09

Sirman Slicer, Mirra 300 Y09 model, is an advanced slicing device designed for professional use in grocery stores and restaurants. Its construction is made of die-cast anodized aluminum, ensuring not only durability but also an aesthetic appearance.

One of the main advantages of this slicer is the significant gap between the blade and the motor, facilitating easy cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene. Moreover, the ventilated motor ensures reliable performance even during intensive use, allowing for continuous and efficient operation. For precise cutting of various products, including hard meats and cheeses, it features forged and hardened thick blades. The carriage glides smoothly on self-lubricating bushings and overlapping pins, resulting in excellent cutting quality.

The entire structure, including screws and deflector, is made of stainless steel, providing both elegance and easy maintenance, ensuring long-lasting durability. The Mirra 300 Y09 slicer boasts compact dimensions, making it space-efficient for countertops or kitchen areas. Despite its size, it delivers outstanding cutting performance, making it an indispensable tool for professional chefs and retailers.

Equipped with a carriage release system, this slicer prioritizes safety and user convenience. The blades can be customized according to individual preferences, with options for Teflon-coated or serrated blades available on request.

With a blade tilt angle of 25°, it allows for slicing products at an appropriate angle, providing even greater precision and versatility. The Mirra 300 Y09 is the perfect tool for professionals who value not only reliability and efficiency but also durability and advanced technological solutions.

Technical data:

Model Mirra 300 Y09
Blade 300 mm – 12 inches
Motor 210W / 0.29 HP
Cutting Thickness 13 mm
Carriage Travel 285 mm
Tray Size 250x275 mm
Dimension A 435 mm
Dimension B 295 mm
Dimension C 600 mm
Dimension D 610 mm
Dimension E 420 mm
Dimension F 640 mm
Dimension G 510 mm
Dimension L 535 mm
Dimension X 250 mm
Dimension Y 185 mm
Dimension H 225 mm
Dimension W 210 mm
Net Weight 20.5 kg
Transport Dimensions 800x600x520 mm
Gross Weight 23.5 kg
HS Code 84385000

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