Professional slicer, Sirman, model Galileo 385 Evo Automatica

The Sirman Galileo 385 Evo Automatica is an advanced slicing device that ensures precise and efficient cutting of various products. It is an ideal tool for professional gastronomic establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and bars that value quality and performance.

This professional slicer has many advantages, including a rounded shape without sharp edges and visible screws, ensuring safe usage. Its performance and precision are made possible by an adjustable 38° tilted blade and three different carriage travel adjustments, allowing for precise cutting of thin slices.

The slicer is solidly constructed with high-quality materials, including a chrome-plated and polished sliding rod, as well as stainless steel screws and connections, ensuring durability and reliability of the device. Innovative features such as the slice counter, automatic stop at the desired slice number, and removable blade guard contribute to ease of use and speed up the slicing process.

Additionally, the slicer offers a high level of hygiene with its stainless steel slice deflector, rubber feet, enclosed and sealed drive motor, and plastic knob, making it easy to maintain cleanliness.

The Sirman Galileo 385 Evo Automatica is a reliable tool that meets the expectations of professional kitchens and gastronomic establishments, allowing for precise and efficient slicing of various products.

Technical data:

Model Galileo 385 Evo Automatica
Blade diameter 385 mm - 16 inches
Motor 380+400 W - 0.52-0.54 HP
Cutting thickness 25 mm
Carriage stroke 365 mm
Tray 430x320 mm
Dimension A 515 mm
Dimension B 410 mm
Dimension C 770 mm
Dimension D 655 mm
Dimension E 525 mm
Dimension F 820 mm
Dimension G 730 mm
Dimension L 730 mm
Dimension X 285/320 mm
Dimension Y 230 mm
Dimension H 305 mm
Dimension W 280 mm
Net weight 64 kg
Transport dimensions 870x840x750 mm
Gross weight 80 kg
HS code 84385000

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