Slicer 220 Plus, Bartscher

The 220 PLUS Deli Slicer is a highly functional and efficient device designed for slicing deli meats. It features a 220 mm blade that achieves a maximum rotational speed of 191 rpm, ensuring precise slicing. The thickness of the cuts can be adjusted in the range of 1 to 12 mm, providing versatility in slicing options. The maximum cutting length is 205 mm, and the cutting height is 135 mm. An additional advantage is the built-in knife sharpener, ensuring long-lasting blade sharpness. The slicer is equipped with a double blade guard and an electromagnetic switch for maximum safety during operation. It has two handles for easy transport, and it comes with a 220 Basic knife. The device is constructed from aluminum, plexiglass, and synthetic materials, ensuring durability and robustness.

Key Product Features:

  1. Large Blade: A 220 mm diameter blade for efficient slicing.

  2. Adjustable Slice Thickness: The ability to customize slice thickness to various requirements.

  3. Safety Features: A double blade guard and an electromagnetic switch enhance user safety.

Technical data:

Control lamp On / off
Power Connection 0.13 kW
Tension 230 volts
Frequency 50 Hz
On / off switch Yes
Knife diameter 220 mm
Rotation speed max. 191 rev. / min.
Cutting thickness 1 - 12 mm
Cutting length 205 mm
Cutting height 135 mm
With a knife sharpener Yes
Version Built-in oblique knife / gravity knife
Adapted to Sausage
Cable length 1.4 m
Level of security IPX3
Control Knob
Knife sheath double
Electromagnetic switch Yes
Slice guide Yes
The residual pusher Yes
Crane version Photo opportunity
2 handles
Included 1 knife 220 Basic
Material Aluminum
Important tip -
Width 410 mm
Depth 475 mm
Height 360 mm
Weight 14.0 kg

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