Electric water bath poultry stunning device STZ-6 DW

The use of electricity to stun poultry in a water bath is one of the most commonly used methods. The heads of the birds are immersed in a water tank to which the STZ-6 DW device supplies electric current.

The current intensity is programmed in the device, and the voltage is automatically adjusted depending on the resistance of the poultry and the water. This makes the stunned birds quickly lose consciousness and sensitivity to pain.

This is a popular stunning method, mainly due to its low cost and the ease of conducting the entire process.

Key features of the STZ-6 DW poultry stunning device:

  • IP 44 box seal
  • Smooth current intensity and stunning frequency regulation
  • 9 stunning programs (user can change their parameters)
  • The ability to change the stunning program with one button
  • Recording of work parameters
  • A robust, durable housing, safe connectors, and high-quality electrical and electronic components ensure intensive use.

Device designed for stunning:

  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Turkeys

Technical data:

Weight: 18,2 kg
Dimensions: 480 x 365 x 250 mm
Power cord length: 5 m
Box seal: IP 44
Input: U = 230 V (rated voltage)
f = 50 Hz  (frequency)
P < 820 W (maximum power)
I < 3,5 A (maximum current intensity)
Output: U < 400 V (max RMS voltage output 250 V)
I = 0,01 ÷ 3,3 A (stunning current range)
f = 50 ÷ 1600 Hz
Stunning process: in continuous automatic mode
Duty cycle: S1
Safety: protection class - I
separating transformer
Number of stunning programs: 9
Changing stunning parameters: directly on the device
Email, SD card

The device is configured and optimized for stunning conditions - the type of poultry to be stunned, the number of stunned pieces at one time, the speed of the production line, etc. The recommended weight of the stunned poultry ranges from 0.5 to 10 kg, and the number of stunned pieces at one time depends on the size of the stunning bath. The set current cannot exceed 3.3 A per piece.

The device does not require special protection and maintenance. However, annual inspections are necessary for proper operation.

The STZ-6 DW device is a network device with a separating transformer with an electronic measurement and control system and the PIG831 slaughter parameter controller and stunning parameter recorder.

The power supply unit is placed in a special box. The box is designed to be mounted in the place of use.

On the side wall of the power supply, there is a power socket with a special bolt.

On the external doors of the power supply, the following are placed:

  • Power on/off button (green start color, red stop color)
  • Stunning indicator - red
  • Alarm indicator - yellow
  • Digital display of stunning voltage, stunning current, and frequency (x10)
  • Console of the PIG831 slaughter parameter controller and stunning parameter recorder
  • Inspection window with an SD card slot and a fuse holder.

The device automatically measures the resistance and, based on the guidelines (set in the PIG831 slaughter parameter controller), dynamically adjusts the current during stunning to conduct the proper stunning cycle.

The STZ 6 DW stunning device should be connected to the power supply circuit using a copper cable with a cross-section of not less than 1 mm2.


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