CHLORO CIP K1 is an alkaline, low-foaming, highly concentrated cleaning and disinfecting preparation. Dedicated to the food industry (dairies, meat plants, beverage producers) and breeding. The disinfecting medium is stabilized active chlorine in the form of sodium chlorate. It does not cause corrosion of acid-resistant steel. Ion surfactants effectively remove organic pollutants such as proteins (including carbohydrate), fats, sugars and blood. Designed for use with hard water. The use of this preparation not only affects the total savings in water consumption, but also protects the personnel, machines and devices, and ensures the necessary microbiological purity. Removes bacteria and spores, fungi and viruses. It is perfect for contact cleaning of CIP closed systems, separators, homogenizers, mixers, pasteurizers, tanks, ladles, injectors and bottles. It can be used in automatic cleaning lines for plastic containers. It does not cause foaming of the working solution during long-term use. It contains components that delay the deposition of water scale and secondary pollution. Easily rinsed out. It polishes the washed surfaces, reducing the need for acid treatment. Suitable for cleaning stainless steel, plastics, ceramics and concrete. Do not use in the presence of elements made of tin, zinc or aluminum.

  • It is biodegradable in over 90%.
  • Working concentrations: 0.5-2.0%.
  • Washing temperature: 15-90 o C.
  • Dosing control: titration or conductometric analysis.

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