Belly Ham Trim Knife, 16 cm,137-90°-G

Belly Ham Trim Knife, 16 cm, 137-90°-G is a specialized tool used primarily in meat processing facilities. It features a rigid blade measuring 16 cm in length, made of cold-rolled stainless steel from Sweden. The blade undergoes deep cooling at -80 degrees Celsius to achieve maximum hardness of 58 HRC.

This knife is designed specifically for precise trimming of belly hams and other meat surfaces. Its construction and sharpness enable efficient and effective performance of these tasks. The black polyamide handle with a textured surface ensures a secure grip and comfortable handling.

The Belly Ham Trim Knife is a reliable tool commonly used in the meat industry. Its high quality, durability, and precision make it an essential instrument for professionals in this field.

Technical data:

Blade length: 16 cm
Type of steel: stainless steel
Blade length: 157 mm
Knife length: 172 mm
Type of blade: rigid
Hardness: 58 HRC
Destination: slaughtering knife
blade thickness: 1,7 mm
Weight: 114,1 g

Data sheet

Blade flexibility
Blade type
Standard blade
Blade length

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