Slicer, Sirman, Canova 275 Top

The Sirman Canova 275 Top slicer is a modern and functional device designed for precise slicing of various products. Its rounded design without sharp edges and visible screws ensures safe operation and easy cleaning.

Equipped with a chrome-plated and polished sliding carriage with self-lubricating bushings, the slicer guarantees smooth and precise carriage movement. The rubber-coated carriage limiters allow for even and stable slicing of products. The adjustable slicing thickness with a removable plate cover enables users to easily customize the thickness of slices according to their needs. The deflector for slices, made of stainless steel with a bayonet joint, ensures accurate cutting and maintains cleanliness around the machine.

The Canova 275 Top slicer is built with robustness in mind, featuring stainless steel screws and nuts, as well as a housed and sealed belt wheel, contributing to its durability and reliability. The slicer's electrical circuit is adaptable to variable voltages of 110-220-380V, allowing flexible device connection in different environments. Additionally, the integrated knife sharpener with a lower guard facilitates maintaining the blade in optimal condition, ensuring excellent cutting quality.

With a blade inclination of 38°, the Canova 275 Top slicer ensures optimal cutting performance for various products. The slicer's aluminum knob and stainless steel buttons with IP67 protection rating provide convenient and reliable control of the machine. Its aluminum telescopic feet with a rubber base ensure stability during use.

The Sirman Canova 275 Top slicer is a professional kitchen tool, perfect for restaurants, grocery stores, and other food establishments that value precision and efficiency in slicing a wide range of products.

Technical data:

Model CANOVA 275 Top
Blade Diameter 275 mm – 11 inches
Motor 210W - 0.29 HP
Cutting Thickness 19 mm
Carriage Stroke 275 mm
Tray 240x230 mm
Dimension A 428 mm
Dimension B 290 mm
Dimension C 580 mm
Dimension D 495 mm
Dimension E 360 mm
Dimension F 650 mm
Dimension G 495 mm
Dimension L 530 mm
Dimension X 230 mm
Dimension Y 155 mm
Dimension H 208 mm
Dimension W 185 mm
Net Weight 25.5 kg
Transport Dimensions 800x600x520 mm
Gross Weight 28 kg
HS Code 84385000

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